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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 10, Gen. 1, 1716

~November, 1716~
Dear Diary:

     My sweet Emilie has finally grown into a beautiful young woman.  She is a bit lazy, but herself all the same.  She seems to have inherited my clumsiness, but she may grow out of it in all due time.  I so far have not, as any bystander could tell you...

     Jean-Claude has also grown into a child.  He is quite handsome, but I have not a clue where his lilac eyes have come from.  They have certainly NOT come from me... but Claude has hazel eyes!  I'm very confused, so I best just admire the wonder of it all...

     Life in our family seems well, except for one thing: Emilie.  She is not happy.  I fail to see why.  She has a family who loves her very much.  She has siblings who look up to her.  She has friends.  But, she challenges Claude's and my own authority.  She seems to be having a difficult time.  I constantly try to help her but she reacts by pushing me away.  These are just some of the things she says:
     "Leave me alone, Maman, please.  I want to be left alone."
     "Don't try to control me!  I want to be myself.  I'm not you."
     I've tried to talk to Claude about it, but he isn't sure what to do, either.  He tells me not to worry.  The teenage years are quite difficult, he explains to me.  

     I sulk around the house.  I want to know how to help my beautiful little Emilie!  I want my daughter to be happy!  But how?

     With love,

     There was just one thing that Emilie found a happiness and peace in.

     Bernard DeCuir. 
     "Bernard," Emilie would say, "I think you're the only person who really understands me."
     "I've known you for a very long time."

     Felicity noticed the change in Emilie, too.  Emilie never wanted to be around her siblings much anymore, except for Jean-Claude.  She seemed to have a connection with him.  Emilie drifted from Felicity.  
     As sad as it seemed, Felicity found a new closeness between herself and Mabeline.  The two grew to be great friends.

     Bernard and Emilie began spending so much time together that Elizabeth began to wonder if it was more than a friendship.

     To Emilie, Bernard was the only one who would really listen to her without trying to tell her what to do.
     "Bernard, my mother always does my hair.  The problem is that I don't like it.  I've told her this, but she doesn't seem to listen.  I want to change it.  I hate braids!  They look so ugly."
     Bernard pondered this for a moment.  "Maybe you should change it on your own.  Tell your mother that you want to choose what you like and you would like to keep your new hairstyle instead of your mother's favorite."
      Emilie gazed into his dark blue eyes.  He was such a good listener.  He was never selfish with his advice or ideas.  "That's a good idea.  I will try it.  Thank you."

     The next day, Emilie redid her hair to how she truly wanted it: Emilie-style.

     Claude noticed the new style.
     "Did you change your hair, Emilie?"
     Emilie looked at him, a hint of smugness behind her eyes.  "Yes, Papa.  Don't you like it?"
     "Well, it's certainly something different..."
     "It suits me.  I plan to keep my hair this way."
     "Oh, well be sure to tell your mother," Claude said hesitantly.
Elizabeth arrived home from an afternoon of tea with Madame DeMontre.
     "Emilie!"  Elizabeth yelped, offended at the new hairstyle.  "What happened to your braids?"

      "I changed it!  I like this better.  I hate those braids!  Why do you always make me wear them?  You never care about what I think!  Ever!"  Emilie yelled.   "I'm different from you!  I like different things.  So stop trying to make me someone I'm not!"

     Elizabeth leaped back, surprised.  "Calm down-"
     "No!  I won't calm down!"  Emilie shrieked.  "Not until you listen!  I want my hair like this!" 

     "Please, calm down!  You can have your hair like that!  I... I really didn't know how much you despised the braids.  I am so sorry this upset you so much.  Do not yell at me.  You can accomplish more without yelling.  You need to treat me with respect.  Claude as well.  And your sisters.  I will not have you acting like this."  Elizabeth said.
     Emilie, surprised at how easily Elizabeth gave in, glared at her and stalked away, as a slow, sinking feeling of guilt overtook her.
Dear Diary:

     Emilie's attitude this evening astounded me.  I never knew she kept all of those feelings pent up inside.  The way she treated me was very upsetting.  I feel like a horrible mother.  Have I really and truly been so ignorant to my daughter's feelings?   Oh, help me find a way to make my daughter happy!  If only I could see her smiling face again!

     With love,

     When Claude heard of Emilie's behavior, he was extremely disappointed.  He was quiet and stared down at the food without eating it, so Elizabeth knew something was upsetting him.
     "What is wrong, Claude?"
     Claude took a deep breath.  "This has nothing to do with Emilie, but it is serious.  I learned at the Printer's that a group of black slaves has been brought to the Louisiana territory for working."
     Elizabeth was shocked.  "But what does it mean?" She whispered.
     "Some slaves may be brought here to do work soon.  They must be purchased.  They live with families and do work for them.  They... can be treated any way the family desires.  That does not bother most people."  Claude shook his head.
     "But, it isn't fair!" Elizabeth cried.
     "It isn't.  Human beings shouldn't be able to be purchased.  Goods are meant to be purchased.  But-but not people.  But what can we- two people in a sea of thousands- do to stop this?"
     Elizabeth was so upset by this fact that Claude almost was sorry he told her.  To make it up to her, he decided to buy her a new outfit.  They went into town to get it tailored to fit her.

     Though the new dress made Elizabeth happier, it still couldn't take away the feelings of anger and sadness.
     Will my Emilie ever truly be happy again?  Would the world ever make things right?  I wish I could do something!

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont


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