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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 4, Gen.1, 1704

~Early Spring, 1704~
Dear Diary:

     It has now been a year anniversary since the young arsonist set fire to a portion of Detroit.  This is the first time I have mentioned it to you, dear diary, but I am growing increasingly worried that he or she will set another fire.  Luckily for us, the fire was on the other side of town- very far from our home.  But for now, I am just thinking of the safety of little Emilie.  
     Speaking of Emilie, she is the candle on a dark night, the flower on a stormy day, and the butterfly amongst the bees.  She cries when she needs something, but I never dread going go her.  She looks so much like my little sister it almost scares me. It sometimes brings tears to my eyes.  But these are good tears.  They are tears of joy and thanks for such a beautiful, healthy daughter.
     I cannot get enough of little Emilie.  I immediately want more children right away.  I know Claude does, too.

     With love,
              Elizabeth (and Emilie)

     To Elizabeth's joy, Claude could not get enough of Emilie, either.  Even when she screamed often, Claude understood that Elizabeth needed rest.  Elizabeth, even though she didn't mind, after all, was with Emilie all day, everyday.  He was a very good father. 

     Meanwhile, Elizabeth received a visit from Ellie DuBois, a wife of one of the thirty families who arrived from St. Ignace- just last summer.  Even though it was later in the day, Elizabeth did not mind the company.

     "Bonjour, Madame Laurier-Beaumont,"  Ellie greeted.
     "Bonjour, Madame DuBois,"  Elizabeth replied.  "What brings you here today?"
     "I just wanted to say hi," Ellie smiled, "It's been a while since we've talked.  I know you've been very busy with Emilie.  So, how are things going?"
     "Oh, just fine.  Claude has been very busy with his printing.  I sometimes work on sewing, but it is difficult with the baby.  She is growing so fast though."  Elizabeth sighed.  "Time does go by quickly. I can't believe I am 32 years old.  I really don't know how much time I have left.  I think it would be horrible for Emilie to grow up without her parents."
     "Don't worry, Elizabeth.  That will not happen.  There are still older people than you out there."
     "Well, what have you been up to, Ellie?"   
     "Well, little Jacques is happy.  He still is adjusting to living here.  He is used to St. Ignace, but I suppose that is understandable."
     "Of course it is."
     "Well," Ellie sighed, "I'll let you return to Claude and Emilie.  It's getting dark.  Au revoir."  She walked away.  Elizabeth went inside.

     It was Emilie's bedtime.

     "Goodnight, Emilie," Elizabeth whispered, placing the baby carefully into her crib.

     Before she knew it, another baby was on the way!

     "You are going to have a little brother or sister, Emilie!  Won't that be exciting?"
To herself, Elizabeth was extremely happy.  At least she would have two children.  Two is better than one (Elizabeth's lifetime wish was to have five children and raise them to teenagers).    
     However, Elizabeth sadly knew that the possibility was high that one of her children could become ill, and even die.  Just like her sister Emilie did.  It would be devastating if that happened.  Elizabeth wanted to cry just thinking about it, but she knew that if she did, she'd wake up the baby.

     The months went by quickly.  Elizabeth and Claude were becoming increasingly excited for the arrival of the new baby.  Elizabeth had even took a break from her job as a seamstress to better take care of Emilie.  Claude kept up his job as a newspaper and book printer because they still needed a steady income, of course! 
     Emilie was growing fast; she was almost able to walk on her own:

     Elizabeth loved the joy and happiness on Emilie's face when she played with her.  Emilie's laugh sounded like sweet tiny bells.  She had her daddy's eyes and her hair was a tint lighter than Elizabeth's.

     "Mama zat tickulz!" Emilie giggled.
     "You think it tickles, huh?" Elizabeth cooed.  Emilie hated naps, but without them, she was miserably tired.

     "Come on, let's get you to bed, sweetie," Elizabeth said.
     "No, mama! No!"  Emilie whined.
     "But you need your naps, Emilie! You're tired."
     "No, I not!" Emilie wailed.

    Suddenly, Elizabeth felt a strong pain in her stomach. Uh, oh!  Elizabeth thought.  The baby's coming!  Luckily, Claude had been in the bedroom, but not sleeping and had heard Elizabeth.  He summoned the doctor once again!
     This time, Elizabeth was already resting on the bed.  The nurse had a cool cloth on her head. 

     In the early hours of the morning, another baby girl was born.

     Claude and Elizabeth decided to name the baby with an old, beautiful name. 
     "I'll name you 'Felicity'," Elizabeth said, as she fed the baby girl.

Dear Diary:

     Emilie and Felicity (and Claude, for that matter) are my life now.  I will do everything in my power to protect them and keep them safe.  They are my world.  I love them so much.  If the arsonists set our house ablaze, my children will live, possibly at my expense.  If the situation is that serious, I will gladly die for them.  They mean everything to me. And Claude.

     With love,

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont


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