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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 12, Gen. 1, 1718

~February 1718~
Dear Diary:

     Felicity has become a lovely teenager.  She is nothing like Emilie was during her hard times.  Felicity has become a lover of Claude's newspaper (well I suppose she already was, but it has become even more evident now) and of books.

      Her smile lights up her face like the sun on a meadow.  She is not just a lovely face; I tutor her with learning French and English.  She takes her lessons seriously and is a pleasure to be around her.  She has a few friends, but none of her relationships with them can compare to the relationship between Bernard and Emilie.

     Felicity will read any book that Claude writes.  It's very cute.   Sometimes Felicity will beg to go with Claude to the Printer's to watch him print.  Any time he prints a book, Claude will wink at her and ask if she'd like to look over his work and see if he has made any mistakes.  She gladly agrees, but I know her main priority is reading the book...

     I am also pleased to say that Emilie has recognized how rude she has been to Felicity and has apologized.  The girls are now great friends and I can tell that their friendship will not be ruined again.  That makes me smile.  Oh, how I do love my dear daughters!  How I do love watching them blossom into great, strong women.  It makes me proud to be their mother.
     I have still been very upset over the news of African slaves being brought to America.  Claude has felt similarly.  He has consulted me and we've come to a decision.

     "Elizabeth," Claude started, "I'm thinking of starting an abolitionist newspaper.  That way, we will be able to fight against the slavery.  Think about it, Elizabeth!  This is the first step in ending slavery!  We can do it!  And, I'm sure that Felicity will eventually want to help out and such..."

     I nodded slowly.  "Claude, if this is what you want, I think it's a wonderful idea.  I want you to follow your heart."  
     Claude looked at me strangely.  "Are you okay, dear?  You seem... different." 
     "No, not at all," I said.  "I'm fine.  I'm just feeling a bit- well, I'm getting older.  I just believe in following your dreams.  I've followed mine.  You follow yours."

     It felt great to be in Claude's arms again.  I held on, not wanting to let go.  
     But, Claude is right.  I have felt strange lately.  I do feel older.  But I feel almost like I'm being forced to let go.  I love my family.  I don't want to leave them.  They are my life, love, and happiness.  

     With love, 


     Claude began painting a portrait of Elizabeth.  He claimed that he'd promised it to her years ago.  He also claimed that future generations of the Beaumont family would have it to enjoy for centuries.  Elizabeth was also rather skilled in painting, and decided to paint a portrait of Claude.
      In the fall of 1718, Jean-Claude came down with Malaria.   Both Claude and Elizabeth were hysterical.

     Jean-Claude screamed and cried.  He was usually fine in the mornings, but at night, he was at his worst.  
     "Maman, Papa!" He would wail in despair and pain.

     But, despite their best efforts, nothing they did could make him feel much better or comfortable.

     "My sweet, sweet boy," Elizabeth sobbed.  "How unfortunate it is that you will never know how much I love you."  A single tear slipped down her rouged cheek.

     Jean-Claude did not stir.  Elizabeth stroked his hair and kissed his forehead.  She turned away and started to go.

     "Ma- Maman?" A weak voice called out.  Elizabeth stopped stiffly.  She squeezed her eyes shut and more tears rolled down her face.
     "Yes, my sweet?"
     "I-I love you, too, Maman."
     "Be strong, sweetie.  Be strong.  I will love you no matter what."

     "Go back to sleep, Jean-Claude.  Just sleep."  Elizabeth started down the steps.

     "Claude," Elizabeth chocked out when she saw him downstairs.

     "Oh, Claude!"  Elizabeth started sobbing in his arms.  He patted her back.  
     "Shh, Elizabeth, shh."
     "Why does he have to feel such pain, just why?  I love him so much-"
     "It's okay, dear, it's okay."
     "No, it's not okay, Claude!  It is not okay to have a child die.  It's not!"  Elizabeth pulled away.  

     "It's not okay.  It's just not okay, not, not, not..."  Elizabeth sighed.

      Elizabeth gazed at the empty fireplace.  Oh, how so long ago it was that we ever had a fire in this fireplace!  After the fire incident so long ago, Claude forbade Elizabeth to ever set another fire.  Now, Elizabeth thought that seemed silly.
      Wouldn't it be a wonderful treat for Jean-Claude to see a fire here?  Before he passes on?  Elizabeth turned the thought over in her mind.  
     Yes, I think Jean-Claude does deserve a nice warm fire! Elizabeth suddenly let out a sob.  The doctor wasn't sure how much longer he would have to live.

     Elizabeth started the fire, and as she did so, she was reminded of the memory of when she had met Claude.  Claude is such a great father.  

      A small ember flew out onto the carpet.  Elizabeth, shocked, backed away.  The ember ignited and started to spread.  Elizabeth felt frozen, despite the heat. 
     "Help, help," She whispered faintly, then screamed.  "HELP!"

     Elizabeth backed into the corner, trapped.  How had the fire grown so quickly?  Elizabeth vowed to dispose of the rug, or at least move it- once she escaped.
     "CLAUDE, HELP!" The kids were all out playing, Emilie was probably still in bed, Jean-Claude was sleeping.  There was no way they would have been able to hear.  But where was Claude?  Elizabeth could have sworn he was around the house somewhere.

     The realization began to dawn on Elizabeth; there was no escaping.  The fire was growing and the heat was too much to bear.  Sadly, Elizabeth shook her head.  It seemed like a dream.  She knew her end was near, but this was too soon.  She loved her family and wasn't ready to leave them.  She did what she knew best.
     My beautiful, darling angels!  How I love you all.  Even though this thought is in my head and not in my diary(which is in my drawer in my room) I want you to know that you all fulfilled my dream in life and I will always be with you.  You will never be alone, even on the coldest nights.  Even on the dreariest days.  I will look after you all and you all have completed my life.  

Be strong.  Never give up.  Whenever you need me, look inside your hearts.  I'm with the stars now.   I belong in the sky.
     With love,
             Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, your adoring mother

     Elizabeth could hear her name being called as the fire surrounded her and climbed up her dress.  Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth.
     The voice sounded so familiar, until Elizabeth realized that it was her little sister, Emilie.  Don't be afraid, Elizabeth.  It's your time.  Come join me and we can be together once again.  We can be together once again...

     Elizabeth felt herself drifting away and giving into the heat.  But she was not afraid.  She would be with her sister.  She would be at peace.  She would guide her children from above.  

She was gone.

     By the time Claude had discovered the fire, there was no sign of Elizabeth, except for ash.  The family took it hard.  Elizabeth was a special soul.  She was not afraid to fight for what was right.  She was not afraid to show her true strengths.  Claude forbade any of the children to ever light a fire in that fireplace.  They only cried in response.

     Of all that burned with the fire, the candle and the clock survived.  Time, the children supposed, never really dies.

      Claude could have sworn he'd seen Elizabeth's shape in the ashy air, but the silhouette only lasted for a second before it disappeared.

     When he was alone, away from his teary-eyed children, Claude would cry by the bedside, where he and Elizabeth had spent countless nights together. 
     "Why did you have to leave me, Elizabeth, why?"
      Claude would never be the same without his wife.  He loved her.  She made everything interesting.  She had changed him for the better.

     Claude placed her ashes on her bedside nightstand.  This was Elizabeth's spot.  She would be here to stay.  He curiously opened up the drawer and found her diary.  This diary, he thought, would go to one of the children, but which one?

     Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, always loved, rest in peace.

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont



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