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Emilie Beaumont, Chp. 5, Gen. 2, 1725

~May, 1725~ 

     As it sadly turned out, Emilie did not have Claude's blessings -- even if she had wanted them.  He had passed on -- he had been old, after all.  It was his time.  There would be no more of his waiting by the great old clock, no more sitting at the edge of Elizabeth's empty bedside.  It was his time, and he was finally at peace.  He had finally joined Elizabeth.


     "Hello, Claude," Elizabeth's silhouette whispered with the wind, which whistled through the trees; "Come and join me now...  We no longer need to be separated from each other...  Don't be afraid!"

     Claude cautiously stepped over to his wife, tears clouding his vision.  
     "My beautiful Elizabeth!  With you forever? How -- just how could I resist?"  Sobbing now, he kissed her and gave her a hug.  
     "Elizabeth," Claude cried, "Elizabeth, my heart was empty without you."

And they were gone.

     Bernard and Emilie were wed in a small ceremony with only close family and friends.
     Although Emilie was delighted to be Bernard's wife, she was melancholy because of the death of her father.  There could be so much pain behind a smile and no one could know...


Dear Diary:

     My father left us and I didn't even apologize.  His last memory of me was that I was a rude girl who didn't respect her father.  Papa, I'm so sorry! What I would give for one last conversation with you! To tell you how much I love you!  How our fight wasn't worth it, and though you did hurt us that I forgive you now!   If only I had one more chance with you.  I'm sorry, Papa.  I hope you understand.


     Emilie could not get over it.  She was so upset.  How could Papa leave me! How could I have not said my apologies?  Even if her thoughts seemed simple, to her, it was heartbreaking.

     A little later that year, Emilie found out she was with child.  Instead of immediately feeling overjoyed, she felt saddened.

     She had been recently spending many days by the family graveyard, which had been installed just that last year.  I do not deserve this child.  Mother, why can't I be more like you?

     She couldn't help but notice that a patch of daisies had grown around her mother's grave. 
     "Maman, I don't deserve this baby!  I've been reading your diary and you were so happy for every child you had.  You a beautiful person who dreamed of us children.  There is nothing special about me.  You wrote that I inspired you and was your heart and joy!  You said that I was a flower on a stormy day, but you are the one who really lives up to that title.  I can only hope that my child will grow up to understand that it was her grandmother that painted the world in a new light and changed lives, not me."  Emilie sobbed in shame and embarrassment, and awe of her mother.


     In the spring of 1727, Madame DuMontre purchased a group of young slaves.  Since she was a friend the Beaumonts, out of the 'goodness of her heart', she gave them two of them -- because they 'needed a little help' after Claude's death.  She sent the slaves to knock upon their door with a message.

     At first, Bernard was confused.  "Excuse me,  is there something you need?" He looked at both of the slaves.  The young man did not acknowledge him, but the female politely turned to answer.

     "Kind sir, we were sent from Missus  DuMontre to be yo' new slaves.  I am called Nancy, and that man over to your side is ma' husband, Exeter." Nancy said, for the most part keeping her eyes on the ground, but every once in a while looking up.

     "Nancy, if you don't mind my asking, did Madame DuMontre walk you over?  I would have preferred to talk to her about this arrangement..."
     Nancy shook her head solemnly .  "No, sir.  She jus' watched us walk here through her window and warned us tha' if we even attempted to 'scape then she'd have our heads.  If I may say so, she 's gettin' real old now, an' she wouldn't want that burden of walking over.  An' her son's in the yard, watchin' us also."
     Bernard was shocked, then quickly hid his concern.  "Well, Nancy, you won't have to worry about that around here."

     Bernard patted Nancy's shoulder.  "You won't have to worry about that here," he repeated.  Nancy remained silent, and for the first time, Bernard really looked at her face.  She could try to be cheerful, but he saw sadness and secrets in her eyes.  She seemed unsure of what to make of him.  To help her feel more at home, Bernard smiled.  It seemed to make the situation more awkward.  


     Nancy just didn't understand.  Going from life in the South to life at the Beaumonts -- it didn't make sense.  Nancy recalled the sad days where she was beaten until she was purple for breaking a dish, or accidentally burping too loudly.  She was there, at the slave selling house -- that horrid, horrid house!  She watched her sweet, innocent, baby girl being sold to a pig of a man, who sniggered and sneered and laughed at her pain.
     My baby!  Little Hannah, just a tiny tot!  Nancy paused from cutting up the vegetables to wipe a glistening tear from her eye.  Remembering the fear her daughter's eyes, the scared little face, screaming, MOMMY!, was just unbearable. She could not even imagine -- nor did she want to -- the heart wrenching things that white man would do to her daughter.  Or had already done...

     Nancy did know, however, that this house was different.  If she and Exeter were ever blessed with a child again, she felt hopeful that this family would never sell him or her.

     As she made Mabeline's bed, Nancy reflected on her life.  Much of it was daydreaming.  Daydreaming -- to be a free woman.

     And that was one thing Nancy was willing to fight for -- until the end.  The golden taste of freedom...

*The Antique Legacy*
Emilie Beaumont


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