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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 6, Gen. 1, 1707

~July, 1707~
Dear Diary:

     I am proud to announce that a final baby is on its way.  Claude was happy to hear the news, but then put his foot down.  Our house is simply too small for more and more children- and we cannot afford to move or have it expanded.  We are still quite money tight with so many children crawling around.
     I understand why Claude is saying no more kids, but it still saddens me.  I love being a mother.  I guess that I will still have the girls who have already been born.  Who am I kidding! Of course I will.  The girls plus one.

     With love,

     Elizabeth watched in awe.  She couldn't believe that Emilie was already so grown up.  It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to her and held her like a baby... oh, how time goes by so quickly!

     It seemed like Claude and Elizabeth did not have to worry about the thought of Emilie being jealous of the younger children, who required more attention.  Emilie was constantly helping Elizabeth with chores around the house- many of which included taking care of her sisters.
     Elizabeth even spotted Emilie giving Felicity a hug.  Later, Elizabeth gushed about the incident to Claude.
     "Oh, Claude," Elizabeth sighed dreamily, "Emilie is turning out to be better than we hoped!  She is a great role model for the other children!"
     Claude agreed.  "We could not have asked for a more well behaved daughter."

     Because of her well-behaviorism, Elizabeth decided to move Emilie's bed to their room.
     "Thank you, Mama!  My sisters are always loud at night!  I'll finally get some sleep in your room!"
     "You are welcome, my darling.  I really appreciate how much you've helped out with your sisters.  That is very important around here, as you know."

     Because of Emilie's willingness to help out with her sisters, Elizabeth was at ease that the next baby would not be much of a problem.  She could not have been more wrong about the baby...

     Elizabeth, as she had once promised Emilie, was much more knowledgeable in the kitchen.  Elizabeth even decided to experiment from time to time.  Once, she simmered a slice of homemade bread in fresh, churned butter.  Then she added goat's cheese and topped it off with another slice of bread.  Simmered Cheese, or as Emilie liked to call it, Grilled Cheese.
     This was one of Emilie's favorite meals.  Emilie longed to be a great cook, but Elizabeth forbade her to cook at such a young age. 

     Even Claude was a fan of Simmered Cheese.
     "Elizabeth, dear, I think you're a talent at cooking."
     "Oh, Claude, you don't mean that..." she said humbly. 

     When he was not at thee Printer's, and there were no chores to be done, Claude often spent time painting. 
     "Elizabeth, dear, once I am skilled enough, I will paint a portrait of you."
     Elizabeth, who had also been painting in her spare time, said, "And once I am skilled enough, I will paint a portrait of you, Claude!"
     Claude smiled and grabbed Elizabeth into a big hug.


~December, 1707~
Dear Diary:

     Being a mother is very hard work.  I hardly have any time for myself, but I enjoy spending time with my children.  Since I have quit my seamstress job, I have had even more time with the girls.  Though it is hard work to take care of everyone, it is well worth it and I know that the hard work will pay off.  It is priceless to see my children learning and growing up everyday.  There is always something I can teach them.  I cannot ask for more than that.
     Emilie was curious about the new baby.  She approached me one day and asked if I could ever feel him or her kicking.  I told her that sometimes, yes, I did.  She seemed to ponder this for a moment.  
     I said, 'Emilie, would you like to feel my tummy?'  She looked at me in wonder.  She said, 'Really, Mama?  I can feel it?  What if the baby kicks?  That would be cool.'  I nodded, smiling.
     I watched as Emilie carefully placed a hand on my stomach,  wincing as if she expected a hard kick.  Nothing happened.

     After a moment, Emilie pouted.  
     'I can't feel anything.'
     'Sweetie, I never know when I will feel him or her kick, either.  It's just luck.'
     Emilie frowned a little more.  Then she took her hand away. 'Did I kick, Mama?'
     'Yes.  Usually when I was hungry.  You were hungry, too.  Sometimes, when I was sleeping, you'd hiccup.'
At this, Emilie smiled.  She let out a sweet giggle.  'How come I cannot remember it, Mama?'
     'I think you were too young.  This baby won't remember kicking me, either.'

     Then, Emilie hugged me.  It took me by surprise.  
     'I love you, Mama.  And I love this baby, too.'  
     I smiled and rubbed her back.  'I love you, too.  And I'm sure the baby will love you once he or she gets to know you.'
     It was once of the sweetest things that has happened to me in a long time.

     With love,

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont


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