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Emilie Beaumont, Chp. 6, Gen. 2, 1728

     A child was born in the late winter of 1728.  He acquired the name of Melatiah Beaumont.  His blue eyes sparkled like the deep blue sea in the morning light, and saw straight into his mother's beating heart.

     Emilie told Melatiah stories of his wonderful grandmother, who changed people, and more importantly, the world.

     In Melatiah's innocent face, Emilie felt proud of herself.  She was not sure why.  She saw how much her child loved her, and how sweet and handsome he was.  She saw how much he needed her, and she immediately felt better.  He didn't care about the mistakes she'd made in her life.  He just cared about now.  Maybe that was all that truly mattered.


     Exeter hated that dang baby.  Another darned thing I have to clean up after.  He hated the Beaumonts, he hated cleaning, cooking, tidying up.  Exeter hated his life.

     Exeter wanted to know what the point of living was when all one did was obey  and clean.  And Nancy always tried to tell him the Beaumonts were different, they were nice... Too dang bad! They still make us clean, still make us obey, still tell us what to do!  
     Nancy would tell him to get a hold of himself... The Beaumonts never laid a hand on either of them... WOULD HE LIKE TO GO BACK DOWN SOUTH? And Exeter would mumble and curse under his breath.  He hated it when she mentioned The South.  When she did, he would always flash back to little Hannah...  He nearly punched his owner, but he knew well better then to do that.


     Nancy adored baby Melatiah.  She hoped to the stars that he liked her.  He must, she reasoned.  For he always smiled and gurgled when he saw her.  He made her grin every time she saw his darling little face.
     But, as she spent more and more time with the child, Nancy became troubled.

     Nancy had believed that all whites despised African Americans in every way.  But, if that were true, why was this child so happy to see her? This little white baby loved it when Nancy tickled his tummy and kissed his head.  This baby had not one care in the world.
     Nancy realized, with a slow, sinking feeling, that one day, sweet Melatiah would be like just the rest.  Made to think that blacks were just plain dirt and scum.  Nancy put the baby back in his crib and wiped a small tear that had escaped her eyes.  She started sobbing, and the baby was silent.  Emilie walked in and gasped in surprise at seeing Nancy so upset.  Before she could ask what was upsetting her, Nancy ran from the room.

     "Nancy, wait!" Emilie called.  "What's wrong?" But Nancy was out of sight.  


~June, 1728~
Dear Diary:

     My dear sisters are all grown up now.  It makes me sad that they will be departing from my little family to start their own new lives.  I am happy for them, though.  I know they will tackle their new lives with such enthusiasm that they will be ready for anything that comes their way.  Then comes the day I must say goodbye to Hettie and Mabeline.

     I suppose I shall first start with Hettie.  She has always brought so much happiness to the family.  Hettie can make me smile on the rainiest of days.  Her fun sense of humor really makes her who she is today.  She has grown her hair out longer.  I am so glad that I have such a beautiful young lady as a sister!

     And Mabeline -- oh, my dear Mabeline!  I never did tell Maman that you WERE indeed the one who stole the ginger cookies!  You were always sneaking around, doing secret things.  You are a smart young woman and I know you will do wonderful things as Maman would have wanted you to.

     And lastly, Felicity.  Although she has decided to stay here for a while, I just thought I might add that she is just as capable of success as every one of my other sisters.
     Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my dear late brother, Jean-Claude.


     Emilie saw so much of herself in Hettie.  Hettie was young and wanted out -- ready to make her own decisions and take her own routes.  

     "Goodbye, Hettie," Emilie said, willing herself not to tear up.  "I know you will go far and do well.  I know you have everything you need to accomplish every one of your goals.  Good luck."
     And Hettie smiled and nodded, whispering, "Thank you."

     Hettie turned around to leave, and with a tiny smile, she gave a small wave.   Then she was off, promising to visit sometime later.

     With Mabeline, Emilie felt slightly shy, as if there was something she wanted to thank her sister for, but she didn't know what.  She wished Mabeline the best of luck, and sent her on her way.

     And, although Emilie didn't know it then, it would be the last time she would see Mabeline.  


*The Antique Legacy*
Emilie Beaumont


  1. Oh no that's so sad! I feel so bad for Nancy and Exeter i can't imagine how it must feel to be in that position but i think that you portray it very well.

  2. Another great chapter! I love the sub-plot with Exeter and Nancy - Poor Nancy! If only everyone in the world could be as non-judgmental as babies!

  3. I felt so sorry for Nancy and Exeter. Exeter was right that no matter how nice they were treated, they were still slaves.

    Nancy made me so sad when she realized that the sweet baby she was holding might grow up to despise her one day. Although, with his parents example, he probably won't.

    All of the girls grew up to be so pretty! I hope they can keep their close relationship with each other. That is what their mother would have wanted.

    Another great chapter!

  4. @angiebeno: Thank you :) I hoped it would meet your expectations!

    @Crzy: Yes, I agree; babies are quite non-judgmental!!!

    @11daisies: Unfortunately, as we all know, that's how slaves probably felt D: Hopefully we'll see that Nancy and Exeter have a happy ending! ;)

  5. I hope Exeter and Nancy soon have their own child, though it is sad to think what it must feel like to know one's child is being born into slavery.

  6. This was another amazing chapter. Poor Jean-Claude and poor Mabeline!! I wonder what's going to happen to her D:

    I love the story with Exeter and Nancy. It's just so emotional!