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Anne Barnes, Chp. 8, Gen. 4, 1783

     Dear Auntie Abigail,

     I just arrived in Charles Town today.  Actually, the name has been changed to Charleston -- just this year.  Antoine is upset about the fact that its name has been changed.  "It has always, always been Charles Town, and now they want it to be Charleston?"
     The house was... quite simply... wonderful!  The moment I saw it, I knew that it was the Barnes Mansion.  It was gorgeous outside and I saw the delightful flowers that Antoine had bragged about when I first met him.  The carriage pulled up right to the gate and Antoine helped me out onto the cobblestones.  "Have a look inside, dear.  I'll be inside in an hour or two.  I must first make sure that the garden is still in one piece due to the fact that I've been away for so long."
      I complied, opening the door and not quite knowing what to expect.

     Let me just begin by saying that it is not anything like our lemon-drop house!   

     Immediately, I noticed a floral sitting room which looked wonderful!

     It had book cases with many of what I assumed were books from his ancestors.  I also admired the beautiful wall decorations and portraits of Antoine's family.

      I became a little embarrassed at the fact that I had spent almost ten minutes in awe at this lovely sitting room.  It was perfect, of course.  Everything seemed so, truly, perfect.  I felt a little uneasy.  Why did Antoine's lifestyle have to be so much better than mine had been?  Mine had been so full of struggles and he had everything so easy!  Abigail, is it wrong that I feel this way?  I am sorry if I am being unreasonable.  I feel very guilty now.   I left the sitting room to tour the rest of the house.

     I neared Antoine's "Meeting Room".

     Antoine had mentioned to me that this was a room strictly for him and his work as an advocate.  Apparently, he had many other advocates come here and they would often discuss their work and do their business.  He explained that I was only permitted to enter if it was an emergency.  Otherwise, I am forbidden to go in that room.  When I looked shocked, he said that I would be busy with my "wifely duties."  I wonder what duties I am required to perform?

     Right outside the "Meeting Room", I found the dining room.  There was a long wooden table accompanied by luxurious chairs.  I even noted a chandelier and even more paintings of Antoine's relatives and ancestors! 

     Next to the dining room, there was a lovely kitchen.  I guess this is where I am going to have to prepare all of the meals.  I wish you had taught me more about your cooking secrets, Abigail!  I hope Antoine does not expect me to prepare anything too fancy!

     I used the stairs to find an elegant ballroom waiting for me!  It was just wonderful!  I cannot wait to dance with Antoine!  I hope I do not step on his toes too much!

     Around the corner, I noticed a study room.  It was nicely decorated -- of course, how silly of me to say that because the whole house is nicely decorated -- and I swallowed hard when I saw the weaving loom.

     That weaving loom made me nervous, because Antoine once told me that I should be doing something "productive" like WEAVING; hence the weaving loom.  I hope that is not going to be one of my wifely duties!

     I exited the study room and found myself in the bedroom.  This was where Antoine and I would be spending our nights together as a married couple!  I was excited to be by Antoine's side.  I would never leave him.

     I even noticed that there were bottles of perfume and makeup.  Antoine must have known he would be returning with a wife when he traveled to Detroit!  He must have just sensed it -- that's how intelligent he really is.  Not only that, but he even prepared for my arrival by purchasing the perfume and makeup!  What a wonderful, wonderful man!

    I noticed another set of stairs and decided to investigate.

     The stairs led to a small attic with a baby crib and a few toys.  I smiled when I saw that baby crib.  I simply cannot wait to have a son or a daughter of my own!
     My eyes found my father's wooden chest.  I wondered how it had gotten up here.  Antoine must have carried it up without my noticing.

     An internal battle was occurring inside of me.  That wooden chest.  I want to open it, but at the same time, I do not.  Why unleash all the memories of my father?  Is it even worth it?  I know you want me to open it, Abigail, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do so!
     I was about to open it -- I really was -- when Antoine called for me.

     I found Antoine in the bedroom.  
     "How do you like the house, Anne?"
     "Oh, Antoine!  It's wonderful!  And just the opposite of my humble home in Detroit!"

     "I am so happy, Anne.  I am so glad that you wanted to return here with me."

     We reflected on our voyage from Detroit to Charleston together.  I was finally able to relax, because I am here to stay at last.  Finally safe in this house with my wonderful husband.  
     I miss you, Abigail.  Tell Aunt Claudette that I say hello.  It has been quite a while since I last saw her.  And please do not neglect to write back!

     Until next time,
          Anne Barnes

P.S.  Please send a cooking recipe.  My cooking imagination is very feeble and quite limited!


     Anne dreamed of her father that night.


*The Antique Legacy*
Anne Barnes


  1. I loved the chapter as always, but I am a bit worried about poor Anne's wifely duties. Are there any babies on the way? Also, Antoine's house is adorable.
    Long time lurker(the same person that commented on your last chapter).

    1. Awww, thanks for commenting again! I love your sweet comments! :)

      Yes -- the dreaded wifely duties... I'm sure Anne is as worried as we are!
      I'm so glad you like the house! It took me a while to make, but I think it definitely fits Antoine's style. Question is, does it fit Anne's?

      As for the children... we'll just have to see ;)

    2. I'm worried it doesn't fit anne too well. It seems like he might be forcing her to live a life that she's never experienced and is wary about joining, while he might cause her to plunge right into it:(

      Besides that fact, I adored this chapter! So much suspense of what will happen next! (which also makes me hate it a little not going to lie haha). Anyways, here's me crossing my fingers for the next chapter soon!

      --the chipmunk

    3. Yes, you are definitely right, Chipmunk!!! :) Antoine seems to bypass her feelings and drag her into his own lifestyle. It's a drastic difference for Anne. Drastic and risky.

      I'm really glad it was successful :D In a way I'm glad it was suspenseful (and that you "hated" it hehe) because the next chapter is now out!

      P.S. Remind me to bring some acorns haha ;)