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Melatiah DeCuir (Beaumont), Chp.1, Gen. 3, 1737

~Spring, 1737~
Dear Journal:

     Mother has taught me how to write in a journal.  Diaries are for girls!  I think the word 'diary' is boring, anyway.  Journal sounds much more sophisticated.  Then, Mother pointed out that Grandmother wrote in a diary, and therefore diaries are very special, but I knew better than that!  Grandmother was a girl, obviously!
     Nancy is with child!  When I heard of the news, I felt a twinge of jealousy.  Nancy always looked after me like her own child, and now she would never look at me the same way.  She will see the baby and how its skin is like her own, and how mine is different.  She will have a stronger connection to the baby than to me, and it makes me sad because I love Nancy like she was my Aunt.  The baby will arrive soon, and I know that its arrival will change Nancy in many ways.  It will pull her away from me.

     Mother has gone truly crazy with visiting our family.  We visit Aunt Felicity and Aunt Hettie each at least twice a week.  I love them very much, but sometimes I really need a break from them.  Once, I pretended I was sick to get out of a visit to Aunt Hettie, but my mother still made me go.  I think she knew I was faking.

     We never see Aunt Mabeline.  Mother went to her home with a basket of flowers and vegetables, but Aunt Mabeline was not there.  My other Aunts had never seen her since she left our house after she grew old enough to.  We hope she's doing well, but we are worried.  It has been years since anyone has seen her.  Mother has even asked around town, but to no avail.

     Mother has been pressuring me to keep the last name of Beaumont, but truthfully, my last name must be DeCuir, after Father.  Father and I try to tell her this, but she glares at us, sighs, and stomps away before we can ask why she's upset.

     Au revoir,
          Melatiah DeCuir (NOT Beaumont)


     On a late spring night, Bernard wanted to discuss something important with Emilie.  He met her in the cemetery.
      "What is it that you wanted to talk about, Bernard?" Emilie asked with a smile.

     "I was thinking that maybe we should, well, move."  The words hung in the air like stray clouds on a clear day.
     "M-move?"  Emilie choked out.
     "Well, yes, I think we need a change.  The house is nice and all, but it is limited in abilities.  It is too small for our children and Exeter and Nancy and their soon to be born child. And our possibly future children," Bernard added and smiled at her.
     Emilie was not sure about what to say, or how to respond.  "But-but if we move, then I will probably never see my sisters again."
     Bernard sighed and nodded.  "I know.  And I know how much you love them.  But part of the reason I want us to move is because we could live where so many more people are.  Here, it is not as settled as a place such as Boston, or Charles Town.  And think of the future opportunities for us and our children in a place like one of those!"

     Emilie was silent.  She could see that Bernard couldn't stand Detroit any longer.  She knew that Bernard had a tendency to keep his opinions to himself until he could not handle it.  
     Emilie also knew that this was the home of her mother's dreams and hopes.  This was the house that she had been raised in.  It was the home in which she had all the memories of her life, both good and bad.  It was where she learned to follow her heart and cried the night away.  It was where her family was buried.  And Bernard was asking her to leave it all and not come back.
     Of course, Bernard was not just 'anyone'.  He was the love of her life.  He had been with her through the hard times (for the most part) and helped her heal.  He loved her and the children more than anything and would do anything for them.  Emilie wanted him to be happy, and knew that he would be anything but if they stayed.

     Emilie thought of Felicity and how she had a commitment to Anne and the Normand family.  Emilie had a commitment to Bernard.  And she loved her sisters; that would never change, but she had to follow her path with Bernard.  Maybe her sisters would see her again sometime.

     "Bernard," Emilie pulled him close, "I would follow you to the ends of the earth."
     Bernard smiled and kissed her.  

      Emilie slipped her hand in Bernard's.  "I love you."


     The next morning while Exeter was eating breakfast, Melatiah hoped down the steps and froze in awe in the kitchen.

     The most beautiful woman he had ever seen was standing across the kitchen, smirking at him with bright, peculiar eyes.  Her skin was pale and appeared to be glowing.  At the same time she froze him with her beauty, she petrified him with fear.  She was staring directly at him. 
     "Well, what do you think you're looking at?" The girl asked with so much attitude that Melatiah was taken back and stumbled over his words.  "Um, well, I-"

     "Well, SCRAM!"  The girl screamed in evil delight and laughed at Melatiah, who, in fear, ran upstairs to hide.  She snickered and tried to stifle her giggles.

      The boy's fear was definitely satisfying to her.  Yes, she was still intimidating after all these years!  And she had found Melatiah at last.  What a wonderful day. Hahaha!  
     The girl disappeared from the house in a blur of color.  Exeter had seen nothing.

     No doubt about it, that boy is the one.  The girl hurried out of the light.  As she ran, her curls of ribbony hair were flames upon her fiery head.


     Thom was born shortly after Melatiah's incident with the strange girl (he had not told anyone about her).
     Instead of being happy, Nancy was sad.  Thom was born into a harsh, cruel world of slavery, and he would never know the meaning of happiness, true, uncompromising happiness.  Nancy knew that the it was possible the Beaumonts send the family to an auction instead of keeping them, and that was what scared her the most.  If this happened, her little baby would know work and orders and punishment. He would know fear and sorrow and sadness.  Nancy felt guilty for giving him life into such a world.

     Later, that night, when Melatiah knew his parents were sleeping, he woke Nancy, Exeter, and the baby, and brought them outside.
     "I just wanted to say goodbye," Melatiah whispered sadly.  "I want you to be free.  I don't  know what happened to you before you lived here, but I think you all deserve to be free.  Nancy, you have always been there in my life.  I feel like you are almost a second mother to me, and you are a person just like me.  You should be worrying about taking care of Thom, not working as a slave."  Melatiah sighed.  "I hope my family has been good to you.  I will really miss you all.  I love you so much and I hope you can make it up North and be free."

     Nancy could see Exeter ahead of her, and she knew he was listening with all of his heart, though he did not turn to look at Melatiah.
     "Dearest Melatiah," Nancy looked at the young boy, "I knew since you were born that'choo had somethin' special about'cho self.  I saw somethin' in yo eyes that reached out to me.  You have no idea 'bout what'choo are doin' for us.  I cannot thank you enough."  Nancy's eyes watered. 
     "You are givin' ma baby a life to live in happiness.  And he will neva cease to hear about the Great Melatiah DeCuir.  Thank you with all uh ma heart."

     Melatiah almost cried as Exeter, Nancy, and Thom made their escape.  He didn't look back.  Before he left, Exeter paused, and whispered a prayer for Melatiah.  
     Melatiah knew they would make it.  He went inside, knowing he would be punished, but not at all caring.


     The girl watched it all, with a tear in her eye, even more sure that Melatiah was the one.


*The Antique Legacy*
Melatiah DeCuir 


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  4. @11daisies: Thank you so much :) And it does seem like the woman does have plans for him... ;D We'll have to continue on to see!

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