FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) + Downloads

Q: The Antique Legacy is all about history and the ways of life in different time periods.  Is history your favorite school subject?

A: For me, history was an 'acquired taste'.  I hated it when I was younger.  I dreaded my school's history classes.  However, I am happy to say that now, history is something I truly do love.  I have learned that for me, history should not be read, memorize, repeat.  For me, should be to understand the struggles and the ways of life of others. Although it may not be my favorite subject in school, it is quickly becoming one of them!

Q: What inspired you to write a historical legacy?

A: The idea of a historical legacy really began for me as my U.S. History class was ending one year in high school.  I was really becoming interested in how America changed over time, and I was also interested in how families change throughout generations.  Over the summer of 2011, I did some research about my own family history and learned a lot.  Both of those two factors acted like a catalyst for me to begin the Beaumont Story.

 Q: Is this story fictional?

 A: The story of the Beaumont Family is fictional, but they live in historical cities.

 Q: How many generations will there be?

 A:  I am aiming for approximately twelve.  It could be more or less, depending on how things do turn out.  To be honest, I did not realize how difficult it would be to correspond the dates with the actual lives with the characters, and because of that, it could be more than twelve generations.  Hopefully not too many more, though! Whatever it takes to reach present day!

Q:  Who is your favorite character?

A:  Haha, well, I do love all of them very much... It's hard to say because the story is not yet finished.  Each of them are unique, so I like that about them.  It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think everyone reserves a very special place in their hearts for the founder of their legacies.  I think Elizabeth will always be held very dear to me.  :) She really helped me get the story off the ground.  I think she seems so likeable, and I think she can reach out to readers because of her determination and hope.   

 Q: I'd like to leave a comment, but I am not sure how to.  Would you please explain to me how to do so?

 A:  Of course!

How to comment anonymously: 
      1.  Type your comment in the comment box at the end of the chapter you have read.
      2.  Click on the "Comment as..." draw down menu below the comment box and choose "Anonymous".
      3.  Publish the comment!
      4.  I always try to respond sooner or later, so keep an eye out for feedback!

 Q: For you, what's the best thing about the Antique Legacy?

  A: I really learn from the characters I write about.  They inspire me in how I act and some have even become role models for me. I love each and everyone of them so very much and I look forward to writing about the future ones!  

 Q: Where did you find your downloads/custom content?

  A: Much of my downloads have come from a variety of places...

      Clothing for males:
          ~Mod The Sims (adults)
          ~The Sims 3 Store (from the Sims 3 community site) (adults, teens, children)
      Clothing for females:
          ~Mod The Sims(adults)
          ~The Sims 3 Store (from the Sims 3 community site) (adults, teens, children)
          ~All About Style (elders, adults, teens, children)
          ~Thai The Sims 3 (Felicity's hat)

      Clothing/ Accessories for Slaves 
          ~Head-wraps/ turbans
          ~Robes for males

      Hair for females*:
          ~Thai The Sims 3 (adults, children, toddlers)
          ~Mod The Sims 3 (adults, teens, children, toddlers)
          ~The Sims 3 Store (from the Sims 3 community site) (adults, teens, children)

      Accessories/ Furniture:
          ~The Sims 3 Store (from the Sims 3 community site) (sofa, antique clock, oven)
          ~Thai The Sims 3 (horse and carriage)
          ~Poppy Sims (oil lamp)

     I hope I didn't leave out too much!

 *Unfortunately, I was unable to find where I downloaded all of the hair for my female sims.  I think that the above should cover most of it, but I have tried and tried to find Aphrodisia's hair but I have no idea where I downloaded it.  I will keep looking for it, and will post if I can manage to find it!

 Q: What neighborhood/ world are you using?

 A: For generations 1 and 2, I used a tweaked Sunset Valley.  For the third generation, I used a small world my sister created, called Banana Islands.  Currently, for the fourth generation, I am back to Sunset Valley, but I am working on reconstructing it to make it look more 'Victorian'.      

     Have a question you would like to be answered? Just ask, and it will be added here, to the FAQ, along with an answer!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Could you post where got all your downloads?

    1. Of course! Some of the downloads I got a while ago, but I will do the best I can. I will post this as soon as possible!

      Was there anything in particular you wanted to know about?

  2. What neighborhood is this legacy placed?