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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 3, Gen. 1, 1703

~Early Spring, 1703~
Dear Diary: 

     I am always cold at night.  It wakes me, and I usually try to relax and snuggle closer to Claude, but tonight is different.  I move closer to him, but I don't feel any warmer.   Something is missing- it has been since I moved in.  It's too quiet.  Where's the life?  Where are the sounds?

     With love,

      Elizabeth began to feel desperate.  
     "Claude, I think I'm too old to have children," she mumbled, close to tears.
     "We've been trying, but..." Elizabeth looked down as a wet tear slid down her powdered cheek.   "But, I'm old."
     "We can't give up just yet, Elizabeth.  Please.  We'll have a house full of children. Don't give up.  We can't.  We have to stay strong- for the children."  Claude smiled.
Elizabeth wiped a tear away.  She looked up at him. 
Dear Diary:

     Claude and I both have our hearts set on a family, but I cannot help but wonder if it's a waste of time.  Even if I can only bear one child, it will make my life complete.  Just one child.  For my sister- for Emilie.

     With love,
     A few days later, Elizabeth woke to an empty bed.  Claude was gone!  
     "Oh, la-la!"  For a second, Elizabeth panicked, but then she remembered that he had told her that some days he would need to leave early to print important events in the newspaper.  She wasn't paying attention because she had something else on her mind...

      She was just getting ready to eat her morning 'mush' when she felt a wave of nausea.  

     It became so bad that Elizabeth really did need to throw up.  Running quickly to the outhouse, she took care not to trip and fall.  
     After relieving herself of the horrible feeling, Elizabeth felt jittery and excited.  Could I be pregnant?  Maybe I'm not too old after all!  
For the rest of the day, Elizabeth decided to take it easy...

     She knew that Claude wouldn't be back until after dark.  She wanted to tell him.  Now, now, Elizabeth told herself, it could just be a fluke, or maybe I ate something that upset my stomach.  But even thinking negative thoughts could not break her elated mood.  She knew it was a baby.  She sensed it.

     Elizabeth ended up falling asleep before Claude arrived home.  
Dear Diary:

     I have decided not to tell Claude about my recent episode of nausea.  I don't want to get his hopes up (if the incident was not caused by a baby).  I am so excited, but I don't want to break myself if a baby was not the reason for my sudden sickness.   

     With love,
     In the weeks that followed, Elizabeth resumed her everyday life.  The only thing that was different was that she was happy instead of sad, and hopeful instead of depressed.

     One Spring day, Elizabeth noticed a small baby bump.  She was overjoyed!  It was not too surprising, as she'd expected it all along, but it was good to know.  
     "Don't you worry, little one.  You will be my heart and joy.  You already are."  

     Elizabeth promised the baby she would cook great meals.  
     "I'm already getting started.  By the time you're born, I'll know all the recipes there is to know!"

     Elizabeth patted the baby bump.  "You are my little Emilie.  Or Emil, if you are a boy.  I hope to the stars that my little sister is watching now."

     "Claude, I have something to tell you!" Elizabeth shouted.  "The baby's on its way!"  She grabbed Claude's hands.
     "Claude, it's just like you said.  We just had to stay strong and not give up.  For the baby."  
     "Oh, Elizabeth," Claude sighed, "I'm so proud.  Of you, and of our baby."
     The days could not go fast enough for Elizabeth.  She so excited for her baby to be born.

     After Elizabeth claimed it would give the baby an extra dash of creativity, Claude agreed to let her use his easel.   
     "I know you'll have your father's creative talent, but why not add a little more?"  Elizabeth asked the baby.

     She knew the countdown until the baby's birth was getting closer every day.  Elizabeth was happy and scared at the same time.  Births were dangerous.  Many mothers died.  It would not be easy.  Elizabeth took a deep breath.  I am not alone.

     Thanks to Claude, the baby's crib had already been carved by the town's wood carver.  The carver had even sold the crib for less because he knew that the Beaumonts were not the wealthiest in Detroit.
     Elizabeth spent a good deal of time standing next to that crib.  
     "Oh, little one, who will you grow up to be?"

     One day, in the middle of November, Elizabeth invited her friend Adele DeMontre for an evening at her home.
     "Forgive me, Adele, for not dressing in formal attire, but I cannot fit into my regular clothes," Elizabeth smiled.  Adele giggled.
     "It's quite alright, Elizabeth.  If you remember, I was the same way with baby Francis!  Just last month, I couldn't fit into my nice dress either.  I actually missed it.  When Francis was born, it was so much easier."
     "It'll be good for these two.  Our children can be friends," Elizabeth told her.  She offered Adele a cup of nightly tea, but she declined.  "They're just so close in age.  There are hardly any other children around here yet, let alone babies." 
     Adele nodded in agreement.  "I know you are due soon, so the best of luck to you.  I'll bring over Francis to visit! Au revoir, Elizabeth!"
     "Au revoir!"
     The moon was full, and Elizabeth was heading for the bedroom when a breathtaking pain gripped her stomach.  The pain was so great Elizabeth could not make a sound until it had subsided.

     "CLAUDE!" She screamed.  "Get the midwife!  The baby is coming!"  Faintly she heard the door slam shut and Claude was yelling outside for a midwife.  Elizabeth sank to the floor in pain...
     The midwife and her apprentice rushed in to help Elizabeth off the floor.  
     "Stay calm, Elizabeth," instructed the midwife.  She placed a cool cloth on Elizabeth's forehead.  Once she had Elizabeth on the bed, the midwife got to work.  Elizabeth could not remember much, but did remember Claude telling her to stay calm and that he was there for her.  
     Finally, after the long, painful process, a baby girl was born.

     "Welcome to the world, Emilie,"  Elizabeth whispered to the child.  And despite the pain, Elizabeth smiled.  For Emilie; sister, and daughter.

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont


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  5. techianlly Claude weren't have been there with the founder in RLF, since Men weren't allowed in the birthing area, and techinally it should be a midwife, not a doctor.

    1. Hmm. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I will change the midwife/doctor part.