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Emilie Beaumont, Chp. 7, Gen. 2, 1731

~Late Summer, 1731~
Dear Diary:  

     The time goes by so quickly.  Already I have been wondering what I want to do in my life.  It may seem late to many, as I am almost thirty, but I feel as though, along the way of my life, I may have gotten lost or slipped off the path.  I do not have a love of teaching children, sewing is not for me, and I do not wish for a large family, as my mother had so long ago.  I don't know what I want.

     But, my dear sister, Felicity, has found her love.  She has always been one for knowledge.  She wishes to tutor young children in grammar, vocabulary, English, and French.  One day, we had a conversation about it over some freshly brewed tea.  Mother would have been proud -- she loved tea.

     "I'm talking about tutoring one child at a time.  I've learned so, so much from the books I've read over the years.  I can't wait to share my knowledge with children to help them learn.  I love children so dearly!  And I love learning!  Those two concepts go together well, I think."
     "Yes," I said, "they do.  I'm so proud of you for figuring out what you would like to do.  But, you have no wishes for children of your own?"

     Felicity sighed.  "No, I do not want children of my own.   I would rather watch over somebody else's child than bear my own."  She smiled.  "Little Melatiah is adorable.  I would be more than happy to teach him grammar!"
     I laughed at that.  "I would be more than happy to let you teach him!  Mind you, I'm not sure I would do well at teaching..."

     It was settled.  Felicity then went across the road to Chez Normand (The Normand household).  I know she will excel in her schooling!


    Felicity was, to put it simply, a little nervous.  Actually, she was very nervous.  She had no idea what to expect from the Normand family nor if it would be difficult to teach the young girl who lived there.  But, she made her way over anyway.

     Felicity smiled with all the teeth she could muster, and shook Madame Normand's hand, which was gentle and friendly.  Felicity relaxed slightly.

     "Thank you for having me, Madame Normand.  It means a lot to me, seeing as I don't have much teaching experience."  Felicity said truthfully. 
     "Oh, that is not a problem at all,  Mademoiselle Beaumont.  I'm quite pleased to have you here to teach my young daughter, Anne.  Hopefully she will be polite."  To Anne, Madame Normand said, "Anne, dear, go upstairs and start working on your French and English grammar.  Mlle Beaumont will be with you in a moment."

     "Yes, Mother." Anne nodded and walked up the path.  Mme. Normand wished Felicity the best of luck and showed her to the study.

     Anne was already reading when Felicity had arrived at the study.   Anne seemed to comprehend the book as she didn't have many questions.  She did ask a few here and there, but Felicity was prepared to answer them with ease.  
     "Mlle Beaumont, if faire is an -re verb, why is it translated differently?"  Anne asked once.

      "In French," Felicity said, "there are verbs that are irregular.  Faire, or 'to do', is and irregular verb.  That means that even though it has an ending that is the same as some of the verbs you are familiar with, it is conjugated differently."
     "Oh, thank you, Mlle Beaumont.  I understand now."  The lesson went on with success, and when an hour had passed,  Mme. Normand came in to check on the progress.

     "Today, Anne learned how to conjugate the verb, faire.  Why don't you conjugate it for your mother?"  Felicity asked.
     "Okay.  Je...fais, tu... fais, il... fait, nous... faisons, vous... faites, and ils font!" Anne shouted with triumph.
     "Very, very good!" Exclaimed Mme. Normand happily.  

     She turned to Felicity.  "Felicity, I think  you truly have a talent for teaching.  I've been trying to get Anne to learn that for a while.  I've been quite unsuccessful.  I would love it if you'd come everyday to tutor Anne save Sundays.  You would be paid unsparingly.  What do you think?"
     Felicity couldn't believe it.  Becoming approved of on her first time?  "Of- of course I'd accept that!  I would love to tutor Anne throughout the week.  Thank you so much!"
     Mme. Normand winked.  "You're a born natural, Felicity!"


     Little Melatiah was growing so quickly.  He had hazel eyes like his mother and dark, cocoa hair.  Neither Emilie nor Bernard knew where that hair had come from.  But, they loved it all the same.  Melatiah had a twinkle in his eye that couldn't be extinguished.  
     Nancy had a feeling about that little boy... a good feeling that she couldn't quite identify.  Well, at least he sure wasn't afraid to smile, for one.

    One night, a chilly fall night, Exeter stepped on something sharp on the way to clean the privy.  Cursing and mumbling under his breath, Exeter was surprised by the pain.  He looked down at the mess.  He saw a bunch of sharp, thorny, dead roses, along with a few other deceased flowers.  Confused, he peered closer.  There was a small note, but Exeter couldn't decipher it; in THE SOUTH, slaves were not permitted to read.
     Stepping away from the dead bouquet, Exeter headed toward the privy, hoping to have one of those darn Beaumonts clean it up themselves.


     On a fall morning, Emilie headed outside to visit her mother's grave.  She nearly stepped on a dead collection of flowers. 


     Surprised, Emilie bent down to pick up a wrinkled note written in all too perfect script.  She briefly glanced at it at first, then read it five more times, slowly. 

     Choking on her breath of air, Emilie gasped in fear and in shock.  "NO! It cannot be!" 
     The note had said, in plain writing, without a signature, in a smug way, I am watching you, Emilie.  This is not the end.  And you will pay.

*The Antique Legacy*
Emilie Beaumont


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    That note has to be from Frederique! I knew he wouldn't let Emily be happy.

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    And oh no D: I bet it is Frederique. >:{

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