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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 11, Gen. 1, 1717

~March 1717~
Dear Diary:

     Hettie seems to not be getting along well with Emilie.  Emilie, who has seemed to be avoiding me since our last fight, apparently is taking out her emotions on her sisters.
     "Maman," Hettie said, with tears in her eyes, "Emilie is making fun of me and being mean!"

     "She comes up to me and mocks me.  She says, 'Hettie, you think you're so great with those flowers in your hair, don't you?'  And I say, 'I like them. Don't you?'"

     "And she says, 'Sure, they're okay, but once you get older, like me, you'll learn that they're actually kind of childish...'  And that got me mad."

      "'What've you got against my hair?  I like it.  It isn't childish.  It's great!  And I smell fresh, just like a princess,' I said to her."

     "'Well,' she replied, 'once you get older like me, you'll realize that's boring.  Who want's a princess hairstyle?  A baby.  Just like you!'"

     "'You just watch it, Hettie.  Don't make me mad.  Or I'll blame everything on you.  And you'll get in trouble.'  Maman, she hurt my feelings.  I love my hair!"
     I held Hettie in my arms, and whispered into her ear that I would talk to Emilie.  And I also told Hettie that I loved her hair and that I hoped she kept it that way.  What is it with my dear children and their hair?

     With love,

     Lately, Emilie was still in a swoon with Bernard.  Bernard liked her new hairstyle, and Emilie loved that he did.  When she explained to him the guilt she felt after her confrontation with her mother, he understood completely.
     "I think you might have been a little hard on her.  Madame Beaumont is a very nice.  I hope you can see how much she loves you.  I see it in her eyes every time we are around her.  She looks hurt, Emilie.  I think you'd best better say something.  Maybe you should apologize to her."
     Emilie looked at the ground and nodded, feeling badly.  She knew she should have been nicer to her own mother!

     "Look, Emilie.  It's okay.  Everyone makes their own mistakes..." Bernard gazed into Emilie's eyes.  Emilie looked back.

     "Emilie..." Bernard began.
     "Yes?" Emilie asked hopefully.  There was a silence.


     "I love you."

     Emilie was waiting outside for Elizabeth.  When her mother found her there, she was a little surprised.  Usually, Emilie never waited outside for Elizabeth.  Emilie knew that her mother loved gazing at the stars late at night.
     "What are you doing here, my sweet?" Elizabeth whispered.  Emilie got up from the bench she was sitting on.

     Elizabeth could see tears in her daughter's eyes.
     "Oh, Maman, I'm so sorry!"  Emilie ran into her mother's arms.  Elizabeth was surprised, but overcame the shock and took a deep breath.
     "Maman, I'm so, so sorry.  I'm such a stuck up girl.  I don't know how to make it right!  I've acted so wrong.  How can I make you forgive me?"
     "Dear heart," Elizabeth said.  "I have forgiven you long ago.  I will always forgive you, no matter what you do.  I love you so much."

     "You... you do forgive me?  But why?  I've acted so rude to you.  I've been horrible to my sisters and Jean-Claude.  They probably all despise me, now.  I should just run away and never see you all again.  I've made horrible mistakes and I can't fix them."

     "My sweet, sweet daughter.  You can fix every last one of your mistakes, just as you've fixed some of them now.  By apologizing.  By speaking your opinion in a respectful tone.  We all love you so much, Emilie.  I couldn't bear it if you left us for good.  Please stay.  I've never told you this before, but when I found out you were going to be born you gave me hope for a future of our Beaumont family.  One of you darlings will carry on our legacy in our name.  
     "Emilie, I'm so glad you talked to me.  You just need to speak your feelings.  I know I need to get better at listening to you, but you can always talk to me.  There... there will come a time when I will not be here.  I will be up in the sky, soaring with the stars, looking down at you and your sisters and your brother.  But, I will always be looking after you.  I will always be there-" Elizabeth pointed- "in your heart.  And you will always be in mine.  I love you so much.  You are my beautiful darling daughter and that will never, ever change."  Elizabeth smiled and her daughter noticed how her eyes crinkled at the corners in joy.  Emilie nodded and went inside to go to bed.
     Elizabeth looked at the stars.

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont


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