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Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont, Chp. 8, Gen. 1, 1711

~June, 1711~
Dear Diary:

     Not much can compare to the happiness a parent feels when her children get along and really love each other.  Emilie is almost nine and Felicity is six.  They get along so well-despite the age difference.  I constantly find them making up their own different games and playing with their little siblings.  They will make wonderful mothers.

     Jean-Claude is growing up nicely.  He is a handsome young man.  He and Claude look so much alike it is almost scary.  Jean-Claude sure does cry a lot, however.  I think it might be starting to get to Claude.  Oh, la-la, the little boy sure is a handful!

With love,


     One day, Elizabeth found Emilie eating fresh churned butter out of a container.  
     "Emilie, honey, where did you get that?"
     Between mouthfuls, Emilie said, "Madame DuMontre gave some of it to Felicity and me.  It's so good!"
     Elizabeth laughed.  "Sweetie, did you remember to say thank you to Madame DuMontre?"
     "Um," Emilie looked at the ceiling.  "Uh... I think I did... oh, wait, I think I forgot to!"
     "Honey, it's very important to remember to be polite.  People will respect you more if you show them respect and appreciate what they do for you.  Try to remember that for next time, okay?"
     Emilie nodded sadly.  Elizabeth frowned.
     "What's wrong, Emilie?"
     "I feel horrible now.  She probably thinks I'm really mean and that I'm a pig."  A tear rolled down her cheek.  "What can I do?"
     Elizabeth patted her head.  "Why don't you tell her that you are grateful for the delicious butter and that it was very nice of her to give it to you and your sister?"
     Emilie brightened.  "What a wonderful idea, Maman!"

     Elizabeth turned to Felicity.
     "You should also be wary to use good manners, okay?  Are you enjoying your butter?" She asked.
     Felicity nodded.  "Mm!"

     Since they were indeed best friends, Emilie and Felicity spent much time running around and playing.  Elizabeth knew that many of her friends and other townsfolk may not have agreed with Elizabeth for letting girls run around because that was for boys 'only.'  Elizabeth believed that children -boys or girls- deserved to play how they liked.  She thought that children learned through play and disagreed with keeping girls cooped up in the house to only perform chores and cook.
     "My girls deserve to play however they want.  They can still do their chores.  I will not force them to be who they aren't.  I believe in learning, and my children are learning.  But I want them to be themselves- as long as they are polite and disciplined."

     Because of their mother's ideas, the children did play how they wished to.  They enjoyed every bit of it.

     Emilie especially enjoyed all the running around because she was always faster then Felicity!  Although Emilie was always competitive, Felicity was always a good sport about losing; Elizabeth truly admired her for that.

     This was not to say that they did not enjoy being girls- they loved to gossip about neighbors quite often!  Usually, it was Emilie who loved gossiping, but Felicity went along with it to make Emilie happy.

     But, most of all, the two were there for each other.  There was not a moment of their childhood where one of them walked away from the other.  Between them, there was an iron bond that could not be broken.  This was the bond of sisterhood.


~July, 1711~
Dear Diary:

     As time passes, I find myself staring at two young women who are becoming more independent with each day that passes: Hettie and Mabeline.

     Sweet little Hettie has a unique sense of style.  She is very particular in her thoughts and words, even though she is a young child.  She is in awe with the world around her; always impressed with whatever she sees.  Even if one is easily impressed, they will have much to admire- just like Hettie does.

     My dear Mabeline, who was once a noisy toddler, has developed into a gorgeous child.  She is soft spoken, yet holds firm beliefs and ideas, especially when she plays with her sisters.  She has the most innocent face of all of my children, yet, I wonder if she's the one who has been stealing the ginger cookies I made for dessert recently...
     The twins have a bond similar to Emilie and Felicity.  They never fight, and are always there for each other.  I am excited to watch them learn and grow, and I cannot wait to teach them everything I know.

With love,

*The Antique Legacy*
Elizabeth Laurier-Beaumont


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